Salted Mackerel Fried Rice

Easy delicious fried rice recipe that can be enjoyed with fried egg, nampla prik and cucumber. Another Thais favorite.

10 minutes

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time




Cooked rice (refrigerate overnight is best) 150 g
Salted Mackerel 15 g
Chinese kale 20 g
Egg 1 Egg
Garlic (minced) 3 Cloves
Sugar 3 g
Black Pepper
Light Soy Sauce 8 g
Salt 2 g
Salted Mackerel Paste 1 tea spoon

How to Cook

1. Minced the garlic and heat in a pan with oil then add the salted mackerel, salted mackerel paste and egg. Add the rice when the egg is cooked and mix well.

2. Season with soy sauce, salt and sugar
(*add the soy sauce around at the edge of  pan to ensure the best taste)

3. Add the Chinese kale to the rice and stir until it cooks.
(If the Chinese kales is big we recommend to blanch it in boiling water then ice water before adding it to the rice or add before adding rice to cook for longer) 

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