Spicy Salted Mackerel Paste


  • Spicy, Well Rounded and just the right amount of saltiness from mackerel
  • Made from real mackerel fish fillets
  • Can be used to stir fry rice, pasta and vegetables
  • 25 Calories/Tablespoon
  • No Trans Fat
  • Salted Mackerel Fried Rice
  • Stir fried salted mackerel vegetables
  • Anchovies Pasta

Spicy Salted Mackerel Paste

Spicy Salted Mackerel Paste is a recipe we created to make your stir-fry dish delicious, well balanced and umami from seafood and seasoning, It can be used as a spicy stir fried sauce in all menus or enjoyed as a dipping sauce.


How to Store

  • Unopened: 18 months at room temperature
  • Opened: 2 months in refrigerator
  • We do not use any artificial preservatives in our products but with retort food technology our product lasts a long time and is good for the health.


Salted Mackerel, Dried Shrimp, Ginger, Chillies, Garlic, Sugar, Soybean Oil

Made from real fish fillets


No Artificial Preservatives

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