Fried Salted Mackerel


  • Ready to eat fried salted mackerel
  • Special marinate technique and quality selection to ensure; taste, aroma and a moist soft texture.
  • High quality vacuum packed to ensure the fish.
  • 180 Cal/piece
  • Salted Mackerel Fried Rice
  • Spaghetti Salted Mackerel
  • Stir fried vegetables

Fried Salted Mackerel

Salted Mackerel has been a Thai staple with boiled rice since our grandparents. Nowadays when we’re in our condo or abroad and frying salted mackerel either the neighbours ask to share or would come and have a word. We developed this product by selecting high quality fish that is clean, with no pesticides or preservatives and marinade with a special technique which is called, by fishermen,  ‘AN AROMATIC FISH’. It is salty with a soft texture, we fry it in new oil and vacuum-packed so anyone can enjoy it anywhere.


How to store
At room temperature for 2 years after manufactured.


Mackerel, Oil, Salt


No Artificial Preservative

New Oil to fry every piece

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