This recipe is from our friend who sells Kagi - Thai style pork leg stew which uses the same recipe as Palo. This recipes guarantees you a delicious caramelize pork Palo that doesn’t require the palo five spices powder you can add pork leg to this recipe as well.

10 minutes

Prep Time

60 minutes

Cook Time




Water 1.3 L
Cinnamon 1 Peice
Cardamom 2 g
Coriander Seeds 2 g
Star Anise 6 g
Saamkler - Tepa Thai Trio 20 g
Oyster Sauce 55 g
Soy Sauce 30 g
Seasoning Sauce (Green Cap) 30 g
Coconut Sugar 80 g
Pork Belly (remove skin) 200 g
Eggs (Boiled) 2 Eggs
Dark Soy Sauce 20 g
Oil 25 g

How to Cook

1. Roast the Cinnamon, Cardamom, Coriander Seeds and Star Anise on a medium heat and put in a straining cloth.

2. Heat the oil and add Saamkler then pork belly until nearly cook then add water.

3. Add the spices in the strain cloth into the stew and season with oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, seasoning sauce and coconut sugar. 

4. Simmer until the pork belly is soft for 40-50 minutes on low heat then add the peeled boil egg to the stew. And that’s it done.

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