Chicken Stock – Clear Soup Base

The clear soup base that can be use for so many recipes just add the desired vegetables and protein to it. We looked at many recipes from the tradition to the new and found the perfect balance that we want to call “The Basic Base.” This recipe is so versatile you can even use it as a noodle soup base.

15 minutes

Prep Time

50 minutes

Cook Time




Chicken Carcass 2 Carcass
Onions 2
Carrots 1
Saamkler - Tepa Thai Trio 20 g
Soy Sauce 20 g
Salt 15 g
Sugar 15 g
Water 3 L

How to Cook

  1. Clean the Chicken Carcass 
  2. In a pot add water, onions, Saamkler and bring it to a boil then add the chicken carcass and let it simmer on medium heat for 30-45 minutes (remove any excess bubbles along the way)
  3. After 30-45 minutes season with soy sauce, sugar, salt and it’s ready.

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