Our Mission

TEPA is an ingredients-led food brand from Thailand with a mission to bring you a variety of punchy, natural and seasonal ingredients as well as dishes. We believe good food should be nutritiously good for consumers but also economically benefit the rest of the supply chain, from the community of farmers to food makers.


The beauty of ingredients
No 2 herbs or spices are alike and that's the beauty of it. As a brand from a food culture that utilizes so many herbs and spices, we want to introduce these sensations to the new generation and to anyone interested in the dimensions and nutritional benefits of herbs and spices. Our food is never bland in flavors or resources.

Crafted Combination and Convenience
We devoted ourselves to crafting the best tasting products that are delicious, nutritious and using the taste of natural ingredients that ignites your tastebuds. Convenience is also another factor that we commit ourselves to; making seasonal ingredients annual and minimizing the preparation and cooking process for consumers.

Food for all
We aim to be all inclusive with our products for people with food restrictions and specific diet regimes that have become increasingly popular such as plant based, vegan, keto, pescatarian and high blood sugar diets. At the same time taking care of our customers’ health we make sure our products do not contact any msg or artificial preservatives, all our ingredients are as natural as possible, the products are as low in sugar and low in sodium without compromising the taste.


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